Umbrella alley in Clinton

Umbrellas hang in the back alleys of Clinton to colour up the space while downtown reconstruction work continued in July, 2021. (Submitted photo)

The town of Clinton can now lay claim to one of the first umbrella alleys in the area.

Central Huron Community Improvement Assistant Izzy Siebert explains umbrella alleys are very popular throughout Europe.

She says they first appeared in Portugal and can also be found in Athens and parts of France.

Siebert says they are displays in urban areas that bring colour and life to places that otherwise might look a little drab.

The umbrella alley in Clinton is behind the Godfather’s Pizza.

“We’re doing the most that we can to make sure that Clinton is still an area that you want to visit, even if the main street is a little torn up right now. We want to attract people to the back alleys, make them nice and bright so that people still want to visit Clinton,” said Siebert.

Siebert says the umbrella alley will be there until at least work on the main street in Clinton has been completed.