Erosion issue affects road north of Bayfield photo

Central Huron Mayor Jim Ginn says the municipality has made a decision on how to address a serious erosion problem on part of Melena Drive, just north of Bayfield.

Ginn says staff has presented council with three options.

“So staff presented council with three options and the one that council chose was to move the road as far as we can within the road allowance, to make it a little safer and we’re waiting to see what exactly happens with lake levels and the bank erosion going forward,” said Ginn.

Another option involved moving much further from the lake.

“We do have another option to move it much further from the lake, in a development that’s proposed and we decided just to move it the short distance for now and hopefully that takes care of the problem, but we’ll have to wait and see,” added Ginn.

The lake levels had been at all-time highs for the last couple of years, but are reported to be coming back down a little this year.

The road is within the 100-year erosion line and at some point the road will have to be moved back further, but it remains to be seen when that might happen.