Summerfolk returning to Owen Sound

Summerfolk 46. (Image via

Summerfolk is coming back to Owen Sound.

Organizers released the format for the 46th annual festival in a release Sunday.

They say the event will be “COVID conscious” and will see community members and venues partner with the organizers to live music to limited audiences at more than 20 stages in and around Owen Sound.

Normally, around 40 acts would perform on a handful of stages at Owen Sound’s Kelso Beach Park. To avoid audiences moving between stages, it will be the musicians that will move between locations so the crowds don’t mix.

You can buy tickets for one of the more than 20 backyard and small venues and if public health guidelines allow there will a few larger stages at Kelso Beach Park. Tickets for the live shows will also allow purchasers to watch the evening live stream. You can also buy tickets solely for the live stream.

“We’re incorporating as many of the elements of the festival as we can,” said Jaret Koop, Summerfolk’s General Manager.

As they firm up the details, more information will be announced. You can check for updates at

“If all goes as planned, the audience will get great live acts in a friendly atmosphere and beautiful locations. We’ve already confirmed many of the locations but we’re going to find a few more. We’ll release more information about the criteria over the coming weeks so people can volunteer their backyards if they want to,” added Koop.