Brussels homecoming plans starting to rev up

The 2022 Brussels Homecoming logo as submitted by Michelle and Aliya Dauphin. (Logo provided)

Planning for the Brussels Homecoming in 2022 is starting to pick up steam.

The event is planned for Civic Holiday weekend next year and will mark the 150th anniversary of the community.

Dan Fritz is the co-chair of the event and says a meeting this week involved a number of organizations.

“It was kind of their first opportunity to sponsor an event or host an event for homecoming,” said Fritz. “I thing we got about 25 to 30 event suggestions.

The event also selected it’s logo through a contest.

It’s a lit candle, in front of a window with shades of blue and black worked into the colour scheme.

Michelle and Aliya Dauphin submitted the winning logo.

“We found that it tied together really nice our kind of goals and values for the event,” said Fritz. “The sight of a candle in the distance was a sign of welcome. And it ties in nicely with some merchandise opportunities.”

As planning progresses, Fritz notes that it is the 150th anniversary.

“The last homecoming event took place in 2012. So it’s certainly a huge milestone and we definitely want to have a celebration,” concluded Fritz.