Bruce Power teams up with Huron Chamber in COVID-19 test distribution centre

Graphic supplied by Bruce Power. 2019

Bruce Power has teamed up with the Huron Chamber of Commerce to open a rapid COVID-19 test distribution centre for local businesses.

Bruce Power donated $15,000 to the project, as well as 500 litres of hand sanitizer and 1,000 masks.

“Getting rapid tests into the hands of small- and medium-sized businesses is another excellent way to combat the spread of COVID-19, as we move toward the end of this pandemic,” said John Peevers, Bruce Power’s Director of Community and Media Relations, and Economic Development. “There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and through on-site rapid testing and increased vaccination numbers, we will hopefully soon put it behind us.”

The rapid test centre provides free rapid test kits to businesses with fewer than 150 employees, so they can quickly ensure staff members are not carriers of COVID-19.

“It will likely be the most important project we do all year, and it wouldn’t be possible without the help of organizations like Bruce Power that have a strong commitment to community,” said Jennifer Verdam- Woodward, Chair of the Huron Chamber of Commerce.

Small- and medium-sized businesses which would like to access rapid tests, hand sanitizer and masks, can visit the Chamber’s web portal at to order their two-week supply of rapid test kits.