Huron County asks for environmental assessment at Blyth intersection

( file photo)

Huron County Council has asked that a class environment assessment be done on the intersection of London Road, formerly Highway 4, and the Blyth Road at the south end of Blyth.

County Engineer Steve Lund says that means looking at a variety of different traffic solutions and identifying the preferred alternative.

“We’ve had traffic increasing and super-elevation at the Blyth intersection doesn’t help the curve on the roads and there’s been a lot of recent development, so that’s contributing to slightly more accidents, but concerns definitely,” said Lund. “Pedestrians have become more of a concern too, there are more pedestrians walking down to those developed areas and as part of the traffic review we will be looking at how to improve pedestrian safety.”

Lund says there will be further public consultation and they hope to have a final decision this fall.