Huron County checking off cycling attributes

A person cycling along a trail. File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / halfpoint

There is a new partnership between Huron County’s Cycling Advisory Committee and the Ontario By Bike program.

Jenn Burns is he Co-Chair of Huron County’s Cycling Advisory Committee

“The Ontario By Bike program is a program for tourism-related businesses and it allows cycle tourists to find bike-friendly business on the Ontario By Bike website, allows for businesses also to become more bike friendly and get themselves on the map,” said Burns.

Updates were provided at a recent council meeting.

Burns says the partnership should help attract more cyclists to Huron County along with other attributes that the county has.

“G2G Trail has been quite incredible actually to think of how many cyclists from across the Province are now coming to use the trail and also, I would say, even our local Huron County residents being able to get out,” added Burns.

There is also paved shoulders from Saltford to Benmiller and on Highway 87 from Wroxeter to Bluevale.

Overall, Burns cycling has become increasingly popular over the last few years.

She does note, they’re not really encouraging cycling at this time, until the stay-at-home order has been lifted.