Bayfield duo puts message about threats to water into a book

Cigarette butts, plastics, garbage are considered some of the threats to water. (Submitted photo)

A Bayfield duo has taken their verbal message about threats to water and turned it into a book.

Ray Letheran and Betty Durst are founding members of Blue Bayfield.

And their book is called The Great Lakes: A Time of Reckoning, Threats and Solutions and outlines some of the threats to the Great Lakes and what people can do to reduce those threats.

Letheran says through 2019 he made presentiations across Ontario and even ventured into Western Canadan. But the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 curtailed any further travel.

That’s when the book writing began.

Letheran says at about that time they also had the good fortune to be approached by Laurie Hazzard, who at one time was responsible for curriculum resource development for schools throughout Ontario.

“And she took it upon herself to engage a number of teachers to develop curriculum guidelines and resource material and it is now available to every high school teacher in Ontario to use as a resource in five different courses,” said Letheran.

Letheran says copies of the book are now available at the Bayfield Village Book Shop for a donation and more information about the book and the project can be found by going to the Blue Bayfield website.