Listowel Agricultural Society plans for 165th fair

Photo by Shelley Miller-Cameron

The Listowel Agricultural Society is planning to run the annual fair in a modified format.

The Board of Directors of the Listowel Agricultural Society have made the decision that the 165th edition will be part of the first two weeks of July.

Plans are being explored for drive-in and drive-thru events such as drive-in fireworks, a drive-thru meal and an Explore Your Community Scavenger Hunt/Car Rally.

Another idea is for a Seed Growing Competition with sunflower and pumpkin seeds are underway with seed packages available soon. Virtual competitions are also being planned.

In a release organizers say more details will be released soon.

The group stresses that the protection and safety of members, volunteers and the community are of the utmost importance and is grateful for the support the community has shown through the pandemic.

The Listowel Agricultural Society will make updated announcements through its website at and its social media pages.