Huron County seniors fall victim to emergency scam

(Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo Inc. / nuchylee)

Huron County OPP say a suspect is in custody after two separate scams victimized two local seniors. Police say both victims sent $4,000 cash via a courier service to an address in Montréal.

In early March two Huron County seniors received telephone calls from a scammer that impersonated a neighbour in one case and a grandson in another. In both instances the scammer told them that they had been involved in a car accident in the Montréal area and needed cash on the quick to reimburse the other vehicle owner.

Huron County OPP contacted the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) and an investigation was launched. Montréal Police has since arrested a suspect and charges are forthcoming.

Police are now aware of at least five victims that sent cash to a specific address in Montréal. Two victims from Huron County, one from Essex County and one from Sudbury. The fifth victim has yet to be identified.

Police says that typically the scammer will desperately explain that they are involved in some sort of collision, mishap or are having trouble returning from a foreign country and need money ‘right away.’ They will rely on your love for your family/friends and will gain your trust to keep the matter secret. Fraudsters pressure people into wiring money, sending cash or purchasing gift cards which they turn into cash by cloning the card. Once you wire or send the information on the gift card, your money is gone.