Huron Perth and Area Health Team has listed three priorities

A local Ontario Health Team has identified three short term priorities.

Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance CEO, Andrew Williams, says the Huron Perth and Area Ontario Health Team was one of the first in the province to get started and it has a list.

“One is infection prevention and control, how we can standardize protocols and practices across all of our partner organizations,” said Williams. “Second, continuing to focus and enhance mental health and addiction supports and the last one is how we can focus on reducing re-admissions to hospitals with individuals who have chronic heart failures.”

Williams says there have been strong partnerships that have existed between health care partners in the past and the team will look to those in moving forward.

“We’ve always valued the importance of working together in Huron and Perth and it really helps a lot because the most important aspect of being able to work together is to have a strong, trusting relationship,” added Williams. “And I think we’ve really made a lot of good advances in Huron and Perth and it’s a huge advantage in setting up the Ontario Health Teams.”

Williams says while it was good to get the process going but the focus on the pandemic has slowed the health team’s momentum.