Huron County could be part of an electric vehicle charging network

(© Can Stock Photo / bwylezich)

Huron County is being considered to be part of a proposed electric vehicle charging network.

It would also include, Perth, Bruce, Grey, Wellington, Dufferin and Guelph.

Lily Morrow is the Climate Change and Energy Specialist for Huron County.

“So we’re working to apply for funding through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to conduct a feasibility study,” said Morrow. “That study will explore the development of a regional electric vehicle charging network that would help to bridge the gap of charging infrastructure between Highway 401 and the Lake Huron to Georgian Bay area.”

While charge stations have already been installed in some communities, it’s been sporadic.

“Most of them have been placed to support municipal staff or community members at town halls or recreational facilities, without, really, the consideration of the distance between chargers or connections along travel routes,” said Morrow.

Morrow say similar regional networks have been established in Western Canada but this would be the first one in Ontario.