Local MPP remembers North Perth firefighters

(BlackburnNews.com file photo)

Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece has issued a statement on the 10th anniversary of the March 17 fire in Listowel that claimed the lives of two North Perth volunteer firefighters, Ken Rea and Ray Walter.

Pettapiece says the anniversary underlines the need to identify truss and lightweight construction in buildings as firefighters and first responders must be aware of where it is used, so they can act accordingly.

He says the Rea and Walter Act, a private member’s bill, would identify TLC across the province but it still hasn’t been voted into law.

It did advance to the final stages before the last election but did not make it and had to be reintroduced in late 2018.

And at that time, Pettapiece says it had support from all parties and from the families Rea and Walter families.

Pettapiece says the bill continues to make progress and more details are expected in a the coming weeks.