Beaver Valley community vision sessions planned

The Municipality of Grey Highlands wants feedback and input for an overall Beaver Valley vision to help shape the future of the area.

The municipality has announced that with increased tourism activity in the area, public engagement will provide direct benefits to the entire Municipality, while focusing on the region’s natural and cultural assets.  The municipality wants to focus on respecting the importance of the area’s natural and cultural assets, and supporting enhanced quality of life, rural lifestyle, and meaningful and sustainable economic activity.

“Council has long recognized the importance of the Beaver Valley as an important feature of our community fabric. Recent pressures related to increased visitation to the area have highlighted the need to ensure future activities respect the Valley’s ecological integrity and support the needs of the community for generations” said Grey Highlands Mayor, Paul McQueen.

Grey Highlands’ 2019-2023 Strategic Plan cites a shared responsibility to leave a legacy of a clean and nourishing natural environment while respecting the community’s heritage.

Beginning in April 2021, a public engagement process will encourage conversations that will inform the Municipality in establishing priorities and undertakings for an overall Beaver Valley community vision.