Local MP against newly-proposed gun legislation

Alex Ruff, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MP 2019. (Submitted photo)
The Member of Parliament for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound not mincing words when it comes to newly-proposed gun legislation that would empower municipalities with the ability to ban handguns.

Alex Ruff calls the legislation “Un-enforceable”, saying portions of Bill C-21 are unsubstantiated by evidence as to actually combat certain types of gun-related crime in the country.

Ruff used his own riding as an example, saying many gun owners from across the region use the Owen Sound Gun Club to fire restricted weapons, which is used by several lawful gun owners in areas like the city, Georgian Bluffs, Arran-Elderslie and Chatsworth. A patchwork of municipalities that have banned handguns against those that haven’t would be problematic for legal gun owners, creating challenges for those that want to continue enjoying sports shooting.

When it comes to enforcement, Ruff says that is also a major challenge for local law enforcement, as the lack of open-carry laws anywhere in Canada could make it more of a guessing game, noting that the majority of gun crime in Canada is still committed by those with illegal firearms, not by legal restricted firearms owners.

Ruff also slammed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promise of empowering municipalities with the ability to ban handguns, calling the words “Hollow, political inflammatory commentary to try and gear up for an election”, as he feels the Liberal Government feels they can form a majority by going to the polls, and are using the proposed legislation to “try and get commentary and comments out that can be utilized by supporters in order to trry and appeal to urban voters that they are trying to ensure they get whenever the next federal election occurs”.