Bruce County paramedics receive first dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Bruce County paramedics receiving their first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine at the "Hockey Hub" Vaccination Centre in Hanover. February 25th, 2021 (Provided by Adam Ferguson, Corporate Communications Specialist Corporation of the County of Bruce)

Paramedics in Bruce County have received their first doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

In a release on February 25th, Bruce County confirmed that on Wednesday, February 24th and Thursday the 25th, 70 Bruce County paramedics got their first COVID-19 vaccine dose. The vaccines were administered at the “Hockey Hub” Vaccination Centre in Hanover.

Another 30 County Paramedics received their first dose of the vaccine on a previous date. Bruce County Paramedic Service employs a staff of about 100 Full-time and Part-time paramedics that provide pre-hospital care to citizens and visitors of Bruce County.

The delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to Bruce County paramedics is part of the province’s Phase 2 plan to complete vaccine coverage for frontline essential workers, including first responders.

Bruce County Paramedic Services Chief, Steve Schaus pointed out, “This vaccine is a safe and reliable tool that protects County paramedics and the vulnerable residents we serve. It continues to be a crucial time for exercising COVID-19 prevention measures. We encourage everyone to stay vigilant in preventing the spread by washing your hands, watching your distance (6 feet), wearing your face covering, and avoiding crowds.”

Bruce County Warden Janice Jackson added, “I would like to thank the Grey Bruce Health Unit and our region’s frontline workers for moving us one step closer to the end of this pandemic by continuing to advocate for safety and by rapidly vaccinating our high-risk and long-term care residents, and our frontline health workers and essential caregivers. Thank you for your cooperation as we make each day better and push forward together.”