North Huron approves 3.47% spending increase

( file photo)

North Huron is increasing its spending by just over $213 thousand dollars or 3.47 per cent.

The recently passed 2021 budget will see the township’s portion of the tax increase on the average assessment in Wingham Ward go up by about $23.66; Blyth Ward by $47.70; and East Wawanosh by about $71.06.

The capital budget is $2,418,000 for the year and includes $266 thousand dollars for a new sand and salt shed in Blyth; $352,000 for renovations to the North Huron Wescast Community Complex; over $400,000 on a waste water dechlorination project in Blyth.

Director of finance, Donna White said there are a number of non-capital projects they are excited about this year.

“We’re working on finishing up our new website, so it will be up and running in 2021,” said White. “We’re going to undertake a [recreation] master plan in 2021 so that’s going to provide us with some really good information.”

White says they are also very focused on asset management.

“We actually have a dedicated asset management levy as part of our budget,” White explained. “And one of the last things that we focus on right now is records management. So we are continuing to update our records storage to be able to provide us good access to our documents in the future.”