Arches to be lifted into place for Bayfield bridge

Work on the Bayfield Bridge in April of 2020. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

The bridge at the north end of Bayfield will be closed for two days this week while the new arches are being put in place.

Bayfield Ward councillor Bill Whetstone says the bridge will be closed on Tuesday and Thursday, but will be open on Wednesday.

“February 9 and February 11 are now the dates for the big lift to occur for the arches, weather permitting obviously,” said Whetstone. “Although detour signs have been set up and it looks like it is going to be a go. The one arch is supposed to be lifted on the one day, the 9th. The 11th will be the second one.”

The work scheduled has seen some delays.

“They hoped to be much further ahead than they are today,” added Whetstone. “But things have happened between materials, between things not just going as smooth as anticipated.”

Whetstone says the bridge will be closed bewteen 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 on Tuesday and Thurday.