Alliance preparing for more ICU patients

Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance C-E-O, Andrew Williams says he won’t be surprised if Alliance hospitals are asked to accept COVID-19 patients in ICUs from other hospitals.

Currently modelling indicates that Intensive Care Units in the Province will have exceeded capacity by early February and Williams fully expects some patients will be moved to hospitals in Huron and Perth.

“There’s a Provincial Critical Care Network that is looking at all of the ICU cases currently and they are looking at where they may have to move from a hot zone. So we fully expect that to happen over the coming weeks,” said Williams.

Williams adds, they regularly have patients moving throughout the system and patients have been moved from London to Huron and Perth to help with capacity and it’s an on-going conversation.

“We have daily meetings with all of the hospitals across this region, talking about patient flow and bed capacity. Some centres have restricted surgery. We have not had to do that at this point in Huron and Perth.”