Grey County Warden lists affordable housing as priority

Selwyn Hicks was elected by Grey County Council to serve as Warden for 2021. (Photo courtesy of Grey County)

The number one priority for the newly elected warden of Grey County is affordable housing.

Hanover Deputy Mayor Selwyn Hicks won the position for 2021 in the inaugural Grey County Council meeting held virtually.

The election saw Hicks defeat his only challenger, the incumbent warden Grey Highlands Mayor Paul McQueen. Hicks says he and councillors are hearing tragic stories of families spending up to 80 per cent of their income on housing. He promises action.

“We have heard loud and clear from people that this is very much needed so we’ll have to take a good look at the books and consider the options that are presented and what can we realistically do but I guarantee you, it’s going to be big,” said Hicks.

He acknowledges affordable housing is a huge, costly issue and Grey County will need help from the provincial and federal governments.

“I’m hoping that my provincial and federal colleagues will be hearing this message. They’ll certainly be hearing from me directly in short order. What participation can we get from the province and the feds and how can we work together on this,” added Hicks.

Hicks’ other priorities for Grey County include long term care, paramedic services and economic development as well as protecting the vulnerable during the COVID epidemic.

Hicks was previously Grey County warden in 2019.