Supporters pledge large donation to Blyth Festival

Blyth Festival logo. (Blackburn stock photo)

The Artistic Director for the Blyth Festival says they’ve been presented with an exceptional challenge by two local families.

Gil Garratt explains, longtime Blyth Festival supporters Dave Southen and Susan Carlyle, along with another anonymous donor have made a generous donation.

“They have pledged 100-thousand dollars to Blyth for new play development if we can match it with another hundred thousand from the community. It’s a pretty amazing opportunity and they want all of it to go developing the plays for the future.”

Garratt says the Festival has already received enough support from patrons and donors to pay the bills and begin planning a smaller season this summer. But he adds, more funding is needed to ensure stability and to keep the Festival’s New Play Development program going.

Matching gift campaigns are an encouraging way to help organizations raise money by matching new or increased annual gifts. Theatre fans who want to take advantage of this opportunity can do so on the Blyth festival website at or they can contact Jen Lamb at Donations of $20 or more are tax deductible.