Huron County residents urged to stay safe amid rising case numbers

Jim Ginn – Mayor, Central Huron (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

The Warden of Huron County is urging residents to remain vigilant as we deal with the second wave of COVID-19.

Jim Ginn points out the risk of transmission in only going to increase as winter approaches and we spend more time indoors.

“I look at many other spots around North America that had low numbers, Manitoba is the one that comes to my mind They had virtually no cases in the first wave and now they have the highest, per capita, in Canada. So that just shows everybody what can happen if you let your guard down.”

Ginn says Huron County residents have done very well to this point but we have to continue to practice the public health guidelines of distancing, wearing a mask, staying home is we’re not well and he suggests this might be a good time shrink our social bubbles a little as well.

Ginn adds, the vaccine results look extremely promising.

“The vaccine results look extremely promising and if we can just remain very cautious until the vaccine is distributed, which probably will be spring time at least. But once we get those vaccines, if they’re as good as they look right now, that should take care of the situation.”

Ginn says with a vaccine this close, the focus should be on observing the public health protocols and getting through the winter.