Huron County invites students to virtual economic forum

Huron County is picking up the tab for six students to attend this year’s virtual Municipal Agriculture Economic Development and Planning Forum.

Warden Jim Ginn said it’s an annual conference that moves around the province and this year is Huron’s opportunity to host it. Ginn said the conference will be held over two half-days, on November 18 and 19 and will be supplemented with a virtual tour of Huron County and some of its most interesting agricultural and rural projects.

“So, in contacts that I’ve been in with some students, they have expressed an interest in going to it and then more expressed an interest, so we’re actually up to six students now that will be attending and the registration fee, it’s not a lot, but it’s going to be picked up by the county,” said Ginn.

“The Warden’s Banquet has been cancelled this year, so there are funds dedicated to that, so they’ve given me a little leeway to distribute those funds in another manner. So I seem to have a soft spot for students, so students are where I will direct those funds.”

Ginn said it’s important to remind young people that Huron County is a good place to live and the more engaged they are in their community, they are more likely they are to return when they’ve finished their post-secondary education.