Bluewater figuring out short term rental by-law

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Bluewater councillors are waiting for some more information on how to deal with short term housing or cottage rentals.

Bayfield ward Councillor Bill Whetstone said they recently found out that there is no bylaw in place.

“The request back then was for staff to bring more information forward as to options for licensing or legalizing short-term rentals. So the report did come back and that provided some items as to what they recommend should we want to move forward to licensing them,” said Whetstone.

Common complaints from residents include late-night parties, fireworks and more people in a building than they’re supposed to have.

For example, a post may advertise four bedrooms but adds the building can sleep 15.

Whetstone said they don’t get a lot of complaints but they’d like to eliminate the ones they do get, but do it in a way that doesn’t discourage rentals in the area.