Vaccines available shortly

File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo Inc. / vetdoctor)

A Public Health Nurse with Huron Perth Public Health says this year is a significant year for the Universal Influenza Immunization program as it has been providing free vaccines to anyone in Ontario over the age of six months for 20 years.

Lorna Askes says the vaccine will be available this year at family doctor’s or nurse practitioners’ offices and doctors will be targeting those six months of age and older because those between six months of age to less then five years have to be vaccinated at a health care provider as opposed to a pharmacy.

Pharmacies will be able to administer the influenza vaccine to those five years of age and older.

Askes adds while the influenza vaccine doesn’t protect against COVID, it will help reduce the strain on the health care system.

“The influenza vaccine does not protect against COVID but it does offer protection from getting influenza and keeping healthy is really important during this time as COVID-19 virus is still circulating in our communities,” said Askes.

She also recommends people call ahead to make sure the vaccine is available at the office or pharmacy they are going to go to.