Chapman’s makes pandemic pay permanent

Chapman's Ice Cream in Markdale

Chapman’s Ice Cream, based in Markdale, will be making their $2 pandemic pay raise permanent for all their employees.

Vice President, Ashley Chapman, says since the company is family owned, it was important that their work family be taken care of.

“Somebody who wasn’t feeling valued previously, when you do something like this, will come in with a new set of eyes and realize ‘okay my employer does appreciate me and they do value me and they do respect me’.”

He adds feedback from workers and the community has been very positive, as pandemic related stressors continue to affect people.

“Mental health is certainly a problem and as an employer if you can give your employees a little bit of peace of mind at this stage, you should really do it.”

Employees will now make a starting hourly wage of $18, and $18.50 after a probationary period. Chapman says that aligns with the area’s living wage rate.