New outdoor programs will be offered at ABCA

The Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority is offering some unique outdoor education opportunities this year.

Conservation Educator, Denise Iszczuk, explains, COVID-19 has encouraged them to look at new ways of delivering education programs. She says the first program is for pre-schoolers and their care givers and is called Oaks and Acorns. It runs on Friday mornings, starting on October 9th.

The second program is a series of three-hour, science-based programs on Wednesdays.

“We are doing science-focused, three hour programs on Wednesdays. We have junior students in the morning from nine to twelve. We have primaries in the afternoon and then we’re looking at intermediates on Friday, in the afternoon.”
She says those three science opportunities are curriculum-based.

“These three science opportunities are curriculum-based, hands-on, exploration activities to help guide learning for children outdoors and it is an eight-week program.”

Iszczuk explains the third program is a full day experience for thirty weeks.

“This is a full day experience for thirty weeks with the Conservation Authority at Morrison Dam Conservation Area. We’ll start it on October 6th and on every Tuesday. We are taking up to 14 students and it is age-ranged from nine to thirteen.”

Iszczuk says they feel the outdoor programs maintain a child’s connection to nature throughout the school year in all kinds of weather and students taking part in the program will have direct experience with the outdoors in all conditions.

More information about the outdoor programs can be found on the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority web site.