Intersection in Blyth being inspected by Huron County

Welcome to Blyth Sign, North End of Town (Photo by Craig Power, © 2016).

An intersection in Blyth will be under Huron County’s microscope.

Huron County Engineer Steve Lund said they’re in the process of considering upgrades for the intersection of County Road at County Road 4 through Blyth.

That intersection was studied a couple of years ago and at that time it was determined that it did not meet the criteria for improved traffic control.

“At that time it did not meet the justifications or warrants for improved traffic controller,” said Lund. “But with the recent development we’re seeing increased traffic flows and we noticed during recent counts, during peak hours in the morning and the afternoon, that it is meeting justifications for improved traffic control.”

Pedestrian flows will also be looked at.

“We’re also looking at doing a study with regards to pedestrian flows because we’ve had concerns being raised recently regarding the flow of pedestrians to the recent development, so that will be looked at to incorporate into an overall traffic solution at that intersection,” added Lund.

Options that would be considered would include traffic lights or a round-a-bout. But work with both Central Huron and North Huron will have to be done to make a decision in time for the 2020-2021 budget deliberations.