Making the best of a tough situation in the classroom

Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / tomwang.

The president of District 8 of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation says the first week of school has not been the best learning situation for high school students.

Shane Restall said with students and staff all in the same class all day it’s difficult for students to stay focused all day.

There is also no sports and clubs, no cafeteria, and teachers and the students are all tired of the one subject.

He said even though it’s not an ideal situation, everyone seems to be doing their best.

“Everyone is trying their hardest. Educators are connecting with their students and families again, students are re-building their connection to their school, which is a good thing. I think all of us are just collectively crossing our fingers, hoping that the protocols that are in place are going to keep us safe,” said Restall.

Restall said one thing he believes would make things like distancing easier would be capping each class at fifteen students, as he says several experts have suggested.

He said that could be done by splitting the class and half the students come to school and half stay home and learn online and then they would switch the next day.