MTA makes changes to annual El Camino Hike

A sign on a Maitland Trail Association trail, used for the annual El Camino hike event. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

The Maitland Trail Association’s annual El Camino Hike is going to be a little different this year.Board member Erinn Lawrie explains, the event is usually a hike along the 49 kilometre Maitland Trail but COVID-19 has forced a change of plans for this year.

“We’re inviting people to hike their own Camino, wherever they’re located. If you’re located in the Goderich area you could hike the Maitland Trail, or you could anywhere in the world and you can send in the route that you did and we’re gonna make a collage of all the routes.”

Lawrie says they’ve also created a kind of scavenger hunt that people can complete while they’re doing their hike and they can send their completed cards into the Maitland Trail Association before September 30th and they’ll be eligible to win some prizes.

Lawrie says there’s a ten dollar fee to enter and qualify for the prizes. Money raised will go to Trail maintenance.

More information and entry forms for the hike can be found on the Maitland Trail Association web site.