Huron Hospice looking for county grant

Inside the home purchased by Huron Residential Hospice on highway 8 near Clinton. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

The Huron Hospice has asked Huron County council for a grant of $650,000.

Hospice Chair, Jay McFarlan, presented the request to county council at this week’s meeting and McFarlan explains the grant would be for the next phase of renovations at the Hospice and more specifically, to match a grant that they’ve already received.

“So this was really made to match a Provincial grant that we already have in hand, but we need matching funds. And we thought this would be a great opportunity for the county to step in and help us secure these matching funds. You know, really they’re matching dollar for dollar, if they decide to fund us,” said McFarlan.

McFarlan says they felt this was a great opportunity for the county to step in and help them secure the matching funds if they decide to fund them.

“We’d like to add four more beds to Huron Hospice. Right now we operate four beds and two of those beds are currently in spaces that we’d like to re-purpose for a children’s play room and a spiritual room, for quiet, intimate spaces where families can gather and have a quiet space together,” added McFarlan.

McFarlan says council asked for a report from staff and they’re working with staff to put that together and they hope to be able to bring it back to council in two or three weeks.