Hospital CEO explains where funding will be used in Huron, Perth image

The CEO for the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance says they were very pleased to receive about $3.65 million from the Province through the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund.

Andrew Williams points out the projects this money funds are often projects that are too large to fund raise for. Williams says the projects vary, but include things like generator replacements in a couple of their sites, chiller plants, upgrades, doing some work with electrical systems and sprinkler system replacements, so it really covers a lot of different areas.

“Our building services team will look at the projects that they feel we need to address and we submit them, so you receive the funds based on approved projects, so we go through that, sort of, priority exercise internally every year so that we know which projects we’re going to focus on first,” said Williams.

Williams says once those projects have been identified and the funding approved, the team can start the tendering process.

He also points out, this funding is for older hospitals that need upgrades to their infrastructure, so newer hospitals wouldn’t qualify.

Seaforth Community Hospital – $365,478
Clinton Public Hospital – $223,880
Stratford General Hospital – $2,102,834
St. Marys Memorial Hospital – $959,284