Saugeen Shores seeks solution to housing shortage

(© Can Stock Photo / dgphotography)

Residents of Saugeen Shores can join a virtual meeting tonight with the Attainable Housing Task Force.

The Task Force will give an update on the work happening in the community towards planning for more affordable and attainable housing.

Currently, there are nearly 600 applicants on the Bruce County Community Housing Registry Waitlist, more than 300 of whom are waiting for affordable housing in Saugeen Shores.

You can attend online by registering at

“Our Attainable Housing Task Force has been studying the cost of rental units and purchase options for entry-level homes in Saugeen Shores,” says Attainable Housing Chair and Vice-Deputy Mayor Mike Myatt. “We are united in our efforts to support the creation of housing geared towards residents of all ages and incomes looking for more affordable options.”

The meeting starts at 7 p.m.