Perth County distributes recovery kits

Recovery Care Kit

Perth County is working to keep local businesses safe by delivering over 90 Recovery Care Kits.

The Economic Development & Tourism team wants to help equip businesses to welcome back visitors and tourists safely while adjusting to new protocols.

These kits include items like face masks, hand sanitizer, window decals, contact tracing forms, and foot-pump sanitizer dispensers

Businesses will also learn to improve their online presence as they receive copies of the Perth County Social Media Guidebook and Business Source Guide.

“Our Recovery Care Kit was delivered last week and have already had so many positive comments about the hand sanitizing station outside our restaurant.” said Eveline, Manager of the Atwood Café.

“We recognize the strain our local businesses have faced in the wake of COVID-19. The goal of the Recovery Care Kits is to help alleviate some of the financial burden of now having to purchase various safety items in order to re-open and stay open,” explained Perth County Tourism Officer, Ashley Brockelbank. “It is our hope that by providing these essentials, we can save businesses time and expenses, and let them focus on promoting their business and improving visitor experience.”

The Recovery Care Kits were made possible through a grant the County received from the Government of Canada’s Regional Relief and Recovery Fund through FedDev Ontario, administered by the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario.