Bluewater School Board tweaking start dates for students

Bluewater District School Board

The Ministry of Education has provided school boards across the province with the option of offering a staggered entry back to school.

Bluewater District School Board will be utilizing this opportunity by staggering entry to help ensure a smooth transition for students and staff as our schools reopen after several months of closure.

The first day of school for Junior and Senior Kindergarten and Grade 9 students will be September 8th.

Primary and Grade 10 students will begin on September 9.

Junior and Grade 11 students will begin on September 10.

Intermediate and Grade 12 and up students will begin on September 11.

Remote learning will begin on Friday, September 11 for families who have selected that option. Those with any questions can contact their child’s school on or after August 24.

Any additional questions you may have can be directed to their dedicated email account,