Pilot project in Seaforth grows from movement to support local

Janette MacDonald of Fight Unemployment. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

Huron East’s Economic Development Department, along with Community Futures Huron, have invited a new marketing team called Fight Unemployment to launch a pilot project in Seaforth.

Partner Janette MacDonald describes Fight Unemployment as a conversation starter, it’s a movement and a marketing campaign to encourage individuals to spend at least 10% of their disposable income in small, independent businesses and boost their own community by making sure that more profits stay there.

“It’s a marketing campaign, we have a web site, we have social media channels are set up and what we want individuals to do is to take the pledge to take the ten per cent challenge to make sure that the independent businesses, restaurants, boutiques, salons thrive and survive in their communities,” said MacDonald.

She points maintains it’s still important to support local businesses now rather than missing them after they’re gone.

MacDonald says they also have a free directory for businesses to sign up so that they people are looking for local businesses that have what they want, they’ll be able to find them.

More information on the Fight Unemployment project can be found at fightunemployment.org.