Money from Safe Restart Program for Perth, Wellington

Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece. (Submitted photo)

Perth–Wellington municipalities will receive much-needed funding to support their response to COVID-19.

It’s part of the Safe Restart Agreement, a joint initiative of the federal and provincial governments.

Out of the millions of dollars being injected into the area, Perth County will get $916,000, Wellington County will get over $2.3 million, and the City of Stratford will receive over $1.8 million. Some municipalities, including North Perth, Perth East, West Perth and Stratford, will also receive thousands of dollars in transit funding.

“It is good to see that we in Perth-Wellington are receiving our fair share,” said Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece. “Municipalities need the province to be a partner, and we are coming through for them.”

Perth-Wellington MP John Nater agreed, praising local municipal leaders and staff.

“Our local councils have shown tremendous resilience during this difficult time,” Nater said. “It is encouraging to see them granted much-needed funding to provide our communities with the services they need.”


Municipal Funding Phase 1

Transit Funding Phase 1

Total Phase 1 Municipal Allocations

Township of Mapleton



Town of Minto



Municipality of North Perth

$343, 600



Perth County



Township of Perth East




Township of Perth South



Town of St. Marys




City of Stratford


$487, 861


Wellington County



Township of Wellington North



Municipality of West Perth