Huron Waves Music Festival gets some help

Tom Profit, South Huron Vitality Fund and John Miller, the Artistic Director of the Huron Waves Music Festival. (Submitted photo)

A director with the South Huron Vitality Fund recently presented the Artistic Director of the Huron Waves Music Festival with a cheque for $6,500.

John Miller says the donation is very much appreciated because the struggles they’ve encountered this spring and summer because of COVID-19.

Miller says they had hoped to launch their inaugural series of concerts this May and they definitely want to do it in May of 2021.

“I can’t make any arrangements with artists, for instance. I can’t sign any contracts because we don’t know whether any artists will be available because we don’t know whether any festivals will be available. So the problem is plan and keep your sights on what we hope we can do in December,” said Miller.” “It’s particularly difficult for the artists because most of them have lost work, not only for the balance of this year beginning in March, but into next year as well.”

Miller says he’s constantly in touch with the artists to determine who’s available, or might be available.

But right now he can’t make any commitments and neither can the artists, but he’s still hoping for a concert in December.