Seaforth construction on schedule

Jan Hawley. Economic Development Officer, Huron East (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

Huron East Economic Development Officer Jan Hawley says there was definitely some apprehension this spring as construction on the main street in Seaforth got underway.

Merchants wondered how people were going to get to their stores and a lot of people were prepared for the worst. Hawley says the original plan was to have shoppers enter the stores through the back alleys behind them. But the construction has been done in such a way that shoppers can use the back alleys or come in through the front door in most cases.

And the project was into sections and they started at section three, at the rail road tracks, and moved towards the traffic lights.

As of now they’re on schedule.

“If all goes well, we hope this is going to be finished up, at least that part from the tracks to the lights, by the end of September. That’s paved, curbs, our new poles in,” said Hawley. “This team of contractors, engineers, our wonderful public works department and also the county, there’s such synergy among them all that I think that’s really why it’s going so well.”

The contractor is Lavis and the engineer is B. M. Ross.