MOH says advocacy for or against masks is ineffective

Dr. Ian Arra

Bruce Power was the host of another virtual town hall meeting Monday night to discuss the development of COVID-19 with local health professionals.

Medical Officer of Health for Grey Bruce Dr. Ian Arra said since announcing masks must be worn in public spaces, he’s received positive and negative feedback from residents.

“This is a public health intervention, a medical intervention. Advocacy is not warranted,” said Dr. Arra. “Whether 2,000 people advocate for it, or 2,000 people advocate against it, it would not change the fact that this is a good intervention for this stage to keep all of us safe.”

Dr. Arra added he waited until Stage 3 to order residents to wear masks in public areas because it will play an important part in slowing community spread.

“If you go back to March and April, there is transmission in the community. However, everyone’s in extreme social distancing. It’d be futile for me to sit in my house alone wearing a mask on my couch. [Masks] become useful in the reopening stages.”

Dr. Arra added businesses in Grey/Bruce have shown “tremendous investment” in the safe reopening of their stores. He says if any business owner has questions about current health guidelines, to check out their website.