Supporting Osprey near Bayfield

An Osprey nest set up near Bayfield in July of 2020, (Submitted photo)

A collaboration between Hydro One and the Huron Tract Land Trust Conservancy has resulted in a new nesting platform and box to support local Osprey populations in the area.

The nest atop a 60 foot pole was erected by Hydro One crews on land owned by the Huron Tract Land Trust Conservancy on the Bayfield River Flats, near the new bridge at the north end of Bayfield.

“We really investigated where to place it, how to place it and those experts we talked to said it’s pretty easy, just pick a bare spot along the river where there’s no trees and make sure you’re the highest spot, because they really like to sit and watch everything and have a sort of commanding view of the river,” said Conservancy Chair Roger Lewington.

Lewington says they Hydro One crew members were very helpful and had all of the right equipment to set things up.

The work was all done last week and now they just wait for an Osprey to move in. He says that might not happen until next spring when they’re breeding.