Huron County highlights SWIFT as a priority

Huron County Council has made it clear it wants to continue to be part of the Western Ontario Warden’s SWIFT program to bring broadband service to all of Southwestern Ontario.

CAO Meighan Wark says Huron County wanted to send a message to the Federal and Provincial governments that there is still a lot work to be done.  The county, and all of the others involved in the SWIFT program, want to make sure that rural Ontario gets a fair share of any funding that becomes available.

Wark adds they want to make sure that the upper levels of government appreciate that once the first round of SWIFT projects are completed, there will still be gaps in broadband service in rural communities. And Wark adds it’s important that the Western Wardens speak with one voice so the upper levels of government realize there is a consensus in Southwestern Ontario on the need for broadband service.

“But when you compare Huron County connectivity to other regions, we certainly are further ahead and, as a result, the priority will be going to those other areas that have even worse connectivity issues then we have in Huron County,” said Wark.

It was also mentioned that there are a variety of short term solutions to connectivity issues, but at some point the answer is fibre so it makes sense to put fibre in the ground now wherever possible.