Bear sightings in Huron County

( file photo)

There have been several bear sightings in Huron County in the last few weeks. But Animal Control Office Bob Trick said that’s not as unusual as it might have been a few years ago.

Trick said over the last week or two he’s had at least six calls about bear sightings and the range is from Amberley down to Clinton. Trick said some of the bears even winter in Huron County now, so it’s not surprising to see them when they come out of hibernation and they’re looking for food.

“There was a week period there, or a two-week period, where I had at least six phone calls about them, and maybe more and the range was from Amberley down to Clinton,” said Trick. “But they’re after something so eat, so bird feeders and barbeque stuff.”

Trick said there’s no particular time of day when they’re more active.

“One was 2: p.m. in the afternoon and the others were, you know, ten o’clock in the morning, so there doesn’t seem to be any certain time,” said Trick. “You realize we had a dry spring too and maybe dry up north and the berries didn’t come on like they should, so they’re out looking for something to eat.”

He added that black bears are not, by nature, aggressive. They don’t want an encounter with humans any more than we want one with them. He says if a bear is cornered or threatened, it might become aggressive, but generally speaking, if you see a bear, the best thing to do is remain calm and slowly back away from it.