MOH says second wave of COVID-19 is probable

Huron Perth Public Health

Huron Perth Public Health’s Medical Officer of Health says the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19 is not a sure thing.

But Doctor Miriam Klassen says there is a fairly high probability we will see a second wave of some kind and it definitely should be taken seriously.

She says we’ve already learned a lot about COVID-19 and we continue to monitor what’s happening around the world.

“Ontario has taken a measured stepped approach, so we’re waiting to get everyone in phase two and seeing how that goes before we move into phase three. But to be clear, we’re still in the first wave, the whole world is still essentially in the first wave,” said Klassen.

Klassen says it’s still very important to continue following public health guidelines like distancing, wearing masks and washing hands and if we do that we could see community transmissions get very low for a while.

“And, though, what we can expect that what we’re seeing in some parts of the world is continued clusters and then very swift reaction to contain those clusters and so that, I think, is part of Ontario’s strategy,” added Klassen.

The MOH says it’s important to remember the virus hasn’t gone away and the fact that the number of cases in Ontario is relatively low also means a lot of people are still vulnerable.