Investigation underway regarding substance on Grey County roadways

An oily spill on two Grey County highways is being investigated.

The tar like substance fouled highways from Chatsworth, west on Grey Road 40, south on Grey Road 3 all the way to Ayton and continued into Wellington County, a distance of more than 60 kilometres.

Grey Transportation Director Pay Hoy believes the spill happened sometime early last Saturday morning. He figures it was some kind of tanker and is hoping someone who witnessed the spill can help find who’s responsible.

“With the length of it it must have been a fairly large vehicle. We’re looking to see if anybody saw probably early Saturday morning sometime a vehicle heading that way with a valve open or something that was leaking fluid,” said Hoy.

He says the substance hardened and hasn’t posed a threat to traffic and it didn’t leave the highway and foul ditches.

Grey County has cleaned up the mess as best they can, which cost about $8,000.