Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority celebrates 10 days of turtle facts

( photo by Dave Dentinger)

The Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority started a contest last week to raise awareness of turtles in Southwestern Ontario.

Healthy Watershed Technician, Hope Brock, explains the contest is called Ten Days of Turtle Facts

“We’re going to present a fact about turtles from May 13th till May 22nd and then at the end of those ten days we have a small quiz and anyone who completes that quiz can be entered into a draw for some turtle prizes.”

Brock says all eight species of turtles in Ontario are present in Southwestern Ontario and all of them are considered at risk to some degree.

“Most recently the painted turtle was listed as special concern, so that’s kind of the lowest level, then it goes threatened and endangered. So even our common turtles could disappear if we don’t change some of our actions.”

Brock says the two biggest threats to the turtles are loss of habitat and being hit by cars. She says we are just about to enter the period when turtles are travelling to mate and find dry ground suitable for a nest. They become very vulnerable as they cross roads travelling from their wetland homes looking for dry areas.

More information about the contest and the clues can be found on the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority web site or on their social media channels.