Local company encouraging seasonal cottagers to not come to Bluewater yet

Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / webking

Hay Communications is doing its part to encourage seasonal cottagers to wait to come to Bluewater until the traditional beginning of summer.

Marketing Director Kelli Phillips said they’re following the direction from the province in discouraging people who have decided they would rather self-isolate at their cottage than their home in the city.

“We decided to make it easier for people and less of a burden by not taking accounts off automatic seasonal suspension. Normally accounts come back on after six months, it’s automatically done in our billing system so it just removes that auto feature for this spring,” said Phillips. “Our grocery stores aren’t ready for people to come back until about the end of May. Our hospitals are smaller and not the same capacity as large, urban areas and as well, it’s just a lot more people moving around the province, so we don’t want to put people here at risk.”

Phillips added if someone really does want to get to their cottage early, they can phone and have the phone service turned, it just won’t be turned on automatically.