Bluewater keeping tabs on cottages, seasonal homes

The Municipality of Bluewater is taking its lead from the province to trying to encourage cottage owners to stay home and self-isolate, rather than come to their cottages and a community that isn’t ready for them yet.

Mayor Paul Klopp said they’re trying to get that message out any way they can, including on their website. Klopp said they’ve also looked into cutting off water to cottages.

“Out of the 1,700 plots along the lake, only about 100 asked the municipality to turn them off or on and of that, 16 were already turned on,” said Klopp. “And we only have two that were scheduled to open.”

Klopp added that was before the province issued their directive asking people to stay at home.

“About eight per cent of the homes along the lake, and they could be cottages or fairly substantial houses, are our American cousins’, so unless they were stuck on this side of the border, there’s definitely going to be less people from the United States coming up for the next little while.”