Market vendors look for new ways to sell to public

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The Owen Sound Farmers’ Market is a casualty of the COVID-19 crisis.  It’s been closed Saturday mornings since March 14.

Co-manager Richard Thomas said it’s been hard on the 65 vendors.  He said the Owen Sound market runs year-round unlike other markets in Ontario that only operate in the summer months.

“So a lot of the vendors depend on that income to keep themselves and their operations going.  Hens don’t stop laying just because we’ve closed the market so it is tough on our vendors,” said Thomas.

Thomas says vendors are trying to find alternatives to get their products to the public.

“A lot of our vendors have opened at the farm gate and are taking their own precautions in terms of social distancing.  We are working on other plans to try to get the food to the people but nothing is firm yet.”

Thomas said after one more week they’ll assess the situation but they don’t know when the market will reopen.  People are advised to follow the Owen Sound Farmers’ Market Facebook page.