Cross-town convoy held to support local businesses

Vehicles lined up for Kincardine convoy. Photo submitted by Heather Shewfelt.

Kincardine businesses held a town-wide convoy Monday in an attempt to bring the community together while staying at least six feet apart.

Sleepers Bed Gallery in Downtown Kincardine organized the event, and owner Heather Shewfelt said their goal was to spread some cheer through the community while practicing social distancing.

She added it was a fun way to showcase that local businesses are still here, and need your support.

“Small businesses are still here to support, and do what we can to help everybody out. If we can bring a smile to everybody’s face, and I think that’s what we did, then let’s do it together.”

Shewfelt said about 25-30 vehicles participated in the convoy, and they were able to drive through about 80 per cent of the town.

“People had their kids outside, they were banging their pots and pans. Some people were inside having to waive from their windows. It was just so great to see, and it boosted the morale all around.”

Shewfelt said it’s possible they will organize another campaign, but they’re taking the pandemic one day at a time.